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News Release – February 2018. For Immediate Release.


Two Primary Schools Get Creative for

Mansfield Museum’s Art Exhibition.


Two local Primary Schools have increased their collaboration links by sharing a family art session – a clay ‘selfie’ workshop.


The two schools were offered the chance to take part in the “This is Me, This is Mansfield” project by artist Clare Taylor who has been managing the art project for Mansfield Museum. Four families from Oak Tree joins five families from Asquith to take part in the workshop.

The workshop was great fun. All the artwork will go into an exhibition at the Museum. The exhibition is to formally open on the 17th February and runs through until the 24th of March.

The project gave local residents the chance to create mini-me ceramic figures of themselves. This was to celebrate the very first building the Museum was housed in, known locally as the Tin Tabernacle.

Oak Tree and Asquith Primary Schools are part of a local four school collaboration, called the Open Door Collaboration. This was one of the first events that has been organised to increase links between the schools, their children and families.


Rebecca Judson, Teaching Assistant and Family Liaison Worker at Oak Tree Primary said “Working with Clare Taylor the artist has been brilliant. We have taken families to visit another school in our collaboration which was a great opportunity.


We are looking forward to visiting the Museum to see our art work in an exhibition”


Clare Harding Head at Asquith Primary School said “Working together within the collaboration has given us great opportunities to join forces and to let our children and families enjoy greater experiences.


The families all had a great time, met some new people and really got something out of the morning. We are very grateful to Mansfield Museum and Clare Taylor, the artist for their help and the opportunity to join in this great project.”


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Information for Editors


Photographs shows families from the two schools pictured in during the workshop, delivered by artist, Clare Taylor. We do not name children in photographs.

This is Me, This Is Mansfield project is an exhibition of intergenerational art work created by the people of Mansfield. The exhibition at Mansfield Museum opens on the 17th February until 24th March.

Clare Taylor, Freelance Artist Educator, Bus and Bird Arts -Tailor made creative experiences


Formal Collaboration

Asquith, Berry Hill, Oak Tree and Wynndale Primary Schools are working in a collaboration, which means they have made an agreement to work more formally that other schools generally work together.

Through discussion our four schools have agreed a set of common aims and actions that will improve opportunities and outcomes for all the children in our schools.

Over the coming year we are focusing on setting up effective communications between our stakeholders, establish networks between different groups of staff and setting up activities to allow pupils to experience life outside their own school walls.


Contacts: For more information regarding Open Door Collaboration ie Berry Hill/Oak Tree/Asquith or Wynndale Primary Schools - Corinna Brown, 0797 424 9449 /