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PE days: Wednesdays

Please ensure that your child brings their full PE kit on this day. 

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Please find below the KS1 Summer Newsletter with lots of information about the exciting things they will be learning. 

KS1 Summer Newsletter

Please find below the Year 1 Spring Newsletter with lots of information about what the children will be learning next term. 

Year 2 Spring Newsletter

KS1 Autumn Newsletter

KS1 SATS information for parents

Number bonds


  • Knowing number bond facts are crucially important to your child’s progression in their mathematics education. 
  • Without a deep understanding of number facts children begin to struggle moving forward with new mathematical concepts. 
  • Children who are secure in their number knowledge are able to get to grips with trickier tasks straight away and are far more successful. 
  • ‘Knowing’ number bonds means a child will be able to recall any of the facts out of order within a few seconds, as well as knowing the matching subtractions fact. i.e.  3+17 = 20 but 2017=3 and 20-3 = 17.


There are websites and free apps that the children can use the help them learn their number bonds.

Hit the Button click this link to access the webpage. 


There is also a free app called 1- Minute Maths 

1- Minute Maths

Times Table Rockstars


It has been wonderful to see so many children enjoying and improving their times tables knowledge since we launched TTRS earlier this year. 


Times tables are vital for children to become good mathematicians. Not only should children know their times tables up to 12 x 12 by the end of Y4 but they need to know their division facts that go with the times tables.

eg: 6 x 8 = 48   and 48 ÷ 6 = 8.

Times Table Rockstars allows children to make those connections whilst having fun.


To play TTRS at home, please follow the link.

Times Tables Rockstars  you will need to input the school postcode NG18 3PJ and then input your child's login details.