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Senior Leadership Team

 Head Teacher: Mrs K. Watson (DSL behaviour lead/teaching & learning lead/curriculum/assessment /SEF/ SDP/KS1 lead)

Deputy Head: Mrs M. Gash (DSL/ assessment/curriculum/teaching and learning/PE lead)

Assistant Head: Miss R.Ward (DSL/EYFS Team lead/paediatric first aid/RWI/early language lead)

Business Manager: Mrs V. Nutter (DSL/Finance/HR/Premises/Administration and strategic support)

Special Educational Needs: Miss. S. Blundy (SENCO/LAC)

Lower Key Stage 2 Lead: Mrs J. Warner (MFL lead/ Literacy Lead)

Upper Key Stage 2 Lead: Mr J. Westerby (Maths lead)



Eric Carl class 1 and 2 - Foundation unit (F1 and F2):Ms R. Ward (Assistant Head/Early Years Leader)

Martin Wardell class 4 - Year 1: Miss K. Greenwood (Music and Science lead)

J K Rowling class 3 - Year 2: Mrs J. Eyley (RE lead) and Ms K. Bowman (Humanities lead)

Shakespeare class 10 - Year 3/4: Mrs R. Collins (ICT lead)

Roald Dahl class 8 - Year 3/4: Mrs J. Warner (MFL, lower KS2 phase lead, literacy lead) and Mrs Z. Storer ( PHSE lead)

Onjali Rauf class 7 - Year 5: Miss L. Cartwright (Environmental lead, British Values lead)

Jacqueline Wilson class 6 - Year 5: Mrs D. Sansom (Computing and E-Safety lead) and Miss A. Glover (DT and Art lead)

Michael Morpurgo class 11 - Year 6: Mr J. Westerby (Upper KS2 Lead, Maths lead)

Floella Benjamin class 12 - Year 6: Mrs M Gash (Deputy Head)




Learning Support


Mrs Y. Robinson

Mrs J. Jevons 

Ms L. Callaghan

Ms H. Wood 

Mrs Y. Robinson

Ms K. Mellors

Ms R. Kavanagh

Mrs J. Marshall

Mrs B. Bevilaqua

Mrs C. Ollivant

Mrs K. Battiste

Mrs K. Beastall

Mrs E. Brooke

Mrs C. Morton

Ms K. Donaldson

Mrs S. Woolley

Strategic support and administration

Mrs V. Nutter: Business Manager (DSL/Finance/HR/Administration)

Ms J. Stirland: Administration Assistant

Ms C. Taylor: Business Administration Assistant

Mr S. Crowder: Site Manager (Health & Safety/Premises)

Miss L. HagueEducation Social Worker  (DSL/Pupil Premium/Attendance)



Ms S. James: Senior MDSA


Mrs J. Hunter: MDSA

Mrs C. Morton: MDSA/Care Assistant
Mrs J. Slack: MDSA

Mrs B. Kinnison: MDSA

Mrs K. Donaldson: MDSA/Care Assistant

Mrs D. Stewart: MDSA



Ms R. Millington: Kitchen Assistant

Mrs C. Stephens: School Chef