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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Senior Leadership Team

Interim HeadTeacher: Mr M Skinner

Consultant Headteacher: Mrs K Watson

Headteacher: Mr M. Thrower/Assessment/Learning & Teaching/Health & Safety/

                                               Safeguarding/Able & Talented

Deputy Head: Mrs M. Gash/Learning & Teaching/Assessment/Curriculum/Assessment/Numeracy/

                                             EVC/NQT Mentor

Assistant Head: Miss R.Ward/EYFS Team Leader/Paediatric First Aid

TLR: Miss. S. Blundy/SENCO/LAC/Attendance

TLR: Mrs S. Powell/KS1/Literacy - Maternity Leave


Nursery Teacher (FS1): Ms K. Bowman/Humanities team

Class 1 - Teacher (FS2): Mrs. J. Eyley/PSHE leader

Class 2 - Teacher (FS2): Ms R. Ward/Assistant Head/Early Years Leader

Class 3 - yr 1 Teacher: Miss K. Greenwood/Music and Art

Class 4 - yr 1 Teacher: Mrs E. Vincent/RE

Class 5 - yr 2 Teacher: Mrs Z. Storer/KS1 Phase Leader

Class 6 - yr 3 Teacher: Mrs R. Collins/Arts

Class 7 - yr 3/4 Teacher: Miss E. Wardell

Class 8 - yr 4 Teacher: Mrs J. Warner/MFL/Lower KS2 Phase Leader

Class 8 - yr 4Teacher: Ms D. Sansom/ICT

Class 10 - yr 5 Teacher: Miss A. Glover

Class 11 - yr 5/6: Mrs L. Lane

Class 12 - yr 6 Teacher: Mrs M Gash/Deputy Head

ECaR: Mrs K Hobbs/ext. services/RE



Ms B. Judson/Social Care & Family Support

Mrs Y. Robinson

Mrs J. Jevons

Mr P. Gash/P.E. coordinator

Ms L. Callaghan

Ms H. Wood/Paediatric First Aider

Ms K. Mellors

Mrs B. Ward/First Aider

Ms R. Kavanagh

Mrs J. Marshall

Mrs K. Germaney

Mrs B. Bevilaqua

Mrs C. Ollivant

Mrs K. Battiste

Mrs K. Beastall

Strategic support

Ms V. Enright: School Business Manager/First Aider

Ms J. Stirland: Administration Assistant

Mrs A. Knowles: Administration Assistant

Mr S. Crowder: Site Manager

Mrs C. Brown: Ext. Services


Mrs L. Knowles: MDSA Supervisor/Cleaner

Mrs E. Mirfin: MDSA

Mrs J. Hunter: MDSA/Cleaner

Ms J. Rudkin: MDSA

Ms R Liriano Bella: MDSA/Cleaner

Ms H. Mitchell: MDSA

Ms S. James: MDSA

Ms E. Smith: MDSA

Miss K. Godfrey: MDSA

Mrs C. Morton: MDSA

Ms M. Eames: Cook Supervisor

Ms R. Millington: Kitchen Assistant

Ms D. Lockwood: : Kitchen Assistant