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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher: Mr M. Thrower/Assessment/Learning & Teaching/Health & Safety/

                                               Safeguarding/Able & Talented

Deputy Head: Mrs M. Gash/Learning & Teaching/Assessment/Curriculum/Assessment/Numeracy/

                                             EVC/NQT Mentor

Assistant Head: Miss R.Ward/EYFS Team Leader/Paediatric First Aid

TLR: Miss. S. Blundy/SENCO/LAC/Attendance

TLR: Mrs S. Powell/KS1/Literacy


Nursery Teacher (FS1): Ms K Bowman/Humanities team

Nursery Teacher (FS1): Mrs M Fensom/arts team

Class 2 - Teacher (FS2): Ms R Ward

Class 1 - Teacher (FS2): Mrs. J. Eyley/PSHE leader

Class 3 - yr 1/2 Teacher: Mrs S. Powell/Literacy Leader

Class 3 - yr 1/2 Teacher: Mrs G. Green/Arts team

Class 4 - yr 1 Teacher: Miss E. Cruz

Class 5 - yr 2 Teacher: Mrs C. Thorne/ICT leader

Class 6 - yr 3 Teacher: Miss K. Greenwood/Arts team

Class 7 - yr 3/4 Teacher: Miss S. Turner/Humanities team

Class 8 - yr 4 Teacher: Mrs J. Warner/MFL

Class 8 - yr 4Teacher: Ms D. Sansom/ICT co-leader (Maternity leave)

Class 8 - yr 4 Teacher: Mrs S. Mapxencar

Class 10 - yr 5 Teacher: Mrs R. Collins/Arts team

Class 11 - yr 5/6: Mr M. Thorne/Science

Class 12 - yr 6 Teacher: Mrs M Gash/

ECaR: Mrs K Hobbs/ext. services/RE



Ms B. Judson/Social Care & Family Support

Mrs Y. Robinson

Mrs J. Jevons

Mr P. Gash/P.E. coordinator

Ms L. Callaghan

Ms H. Wood/Paediatric First Aider

Ms K. Mellors

Mrs B. Ward/First Aider

Mrs C. Potter

Mrs E. McBain

Ms R. Kavanagh

Mrs G. Brunt

Mrs M. Ball

Mrs J. Marshall

Mrs K. Germaney

Mrs T. Kenworthy

Mrs B. Bevilaqua

Mrs C. Ollivant

Ms M. Enright

Ms K. Tuck

Ms M. Keeling

Mrs K Battiste

Strategic support

Ms V. Enright: Office Manager/First Aider

Ms J. Stirland: Administration Assistant

Mrs A. Knowles: Administration Assistant

Mr S. Crowder: Site Manager

Mr C. Davey: ICT technician/Support

Mrs C. Brown: Ext. Services


Mrs L. Knowles: MDSA Supervisor/Cleaner

Mrs E. Mirfin: MDSA

Mrs J. Hunter: MDSA/Cleaner

Ms J. Rudkin: MDSA

Ms J. Fudge: MDSA

Ms A. Mills: MDSA

Ms R Liriano Bella: MDSA/Cleaner

Ms H. Mitchell: MDSA

Ms J. Payne: MDSA

Ms L. Skeavington: MDSA (Maternity leave)

Ms S. James: MDSA

Ms E. Smith: MDSA

Ms M. Eames: Cook Supervisor

Ms R. Millington: Kitchen Assistant

Mrs K. Celba: Kitchen Assistant

Ms D. Lockwood: : Kitchen Assistant