Christmas Celebrations 2014

Another lovely and moving show, Christmas around the World, how children celebrate from all over the World. Everybody had a chance to take part. Lots of songs, and dances, lovely, sweet, moving and exciting, with help from a group of unusual angels. Well done to all the children, all of their teachers and LSAs, and particularly Miss Ward.

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Christmas Market

Games, raffles, decorations cakes, what a Market!!!!!!


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9th December

First the Annual Tree Dressing, Classes 10 and 5 went onto the Heath with members of The Oaktree Preservation Group to place decorations on a tree.

The decorations were eco-friendly, they were nuts for birds to eat.

We sang christmas songs and were lead in a prayer by Vicar Phil.



Recycling collection

Mrs Quant-Epps is organising a textile/ items collection to raise money for Science resources in school.  The collection day is the 4th Dec. There is a Week of Action on the estate and this is schools contribution – to reduce littering and fly tipping by finding something useful to do with people unwanted items.

Click on the link to see which items can or can not be brought in.

Things like cloths, pairs of shoes, accessories etc., please check on the link.

Textile donations -Nov 2014

Thank you for your donations and help.