Eclipse brings Science Week to an exciting end

What a great finale to British Science Week at Oak Tree Primary. Whilst KS1 were off to the zoo to learn more about animals, KS2 began the day by watching a film about the solar eclipse. We learnt how to observe the eclipse safely and then all went outside to experience the event. Fortunately for us (unlike many in other parts of the country) the Mansfield skies remained clear until towards the end of the eclipse, so we were able to experience it using paper that had been covered in pinpricks. As it got darker the streetlights came on and the birds began to roost. It is interesting to think about what we might all be doing in 2026 when the next solar eclipse occurs. We will all, no doubt, look back on this eclipse and remember the anticipation and excitement of the occasion at Oak Tree.



Charity Collections

Last week the staff and pupils of Oak Tree School raised £530 from the sale of Red Noses, milkshakes and biscuits, plus donations from non uniform day. A hug thank you to everyone who took part.

Recycling Centre


We took part in three fantastic activities when we visited Veolia.

1: Following instructions, using teamwork we built a Lego recycling truck model. This worked with a motor. Without recycling trucks our rubbish would just build up in the street. Our problem solving paid off when our trucks started moving; a real WOW factor moment.

2: We took a tour of the Materials Recovery Facility and saw it in action. This showed us what happens with the rubbish that we put in our recycling bins. The Machines were noisy and it was amazing to see the massive cubes/bales of plastics, paper and metals ready for the lorries to take to the next step of their journey when they would be made into something new. In our hard-hats we saw people sorting materials by hand. Our favourite machine was the one which blasts air at certain types of plastic to make them fly into the air for sorting.

3: Back in the education centre we learnt about which things to put in which bins. Garden Waste = brown bins; Domestic waste = green bins; Recyclables = blue bins. We got really good at remembering to check inside things and taking off bottle tops.

A massive thank you to Victoria and Lydia at the centre and Mark the Lego expert.

Oak Tree celebrates World Book Day

What a WOW day everyone had at Oak Tree on World Book Day! Everyone came dressed as book characters and looked amazing. We started the day off with a special assembly where we had a look at some photographs of some Extreme Readers. Lewis and Faith had even read sitting on a bomb!! In the afternoon we shared our favourite books with other children and then all settled down to a whole school story time at the end of the day. A wonderful day, enjoyed by all!

Including the Staff