More excitement for the playground

More new equipment and areas

Quiet area, lovely new tables, 3D games, a stage and much more


End of the Year 2014

Lots to celebrate, people to say goodbye (and thankyou), to,

Certificates to give out

Goodbye and good luck to Mrs Woods, retiring, perhaps moving on to Masterchef

mrs-woods-leaving-assembly-002 mrs-woods-leaving-assembly-012 mrs-woods-leaving-assembly-013

100 percenters for the Summer term, brilliant effort dscf3081

Martial arts certificate winners dscf3068

Good luck to Mrs Sansom, and her new baby leaving-teachers-2014-003

Goodbye Mrs Germaney,thankyou for all your help leaving-teachers-2014-013

Mr Stride moves on to bigger and better things, not than it can be better than Oaktree dscf3075

Mr Hastings goes of to a new job after being supersub everywhere dscf3074

And finally, but very importantly, a fond farewell to all the year sixes, do well in your new schools

Cricket success across the board

Cricket success across the board, well across the pitch anyway


Cricket Celebrations

Once again our many cricket teams have done us really proud!

Our Y6 boys won the Notts County Championships. They represented Nottinghamshire in the

National Finals for the first time ever and secured 9th place. Well done boys!

Girls Y6/Y5/Y4 teams all won their Mansfield Championships and they came 2nd in

the Notts County Champions Final, as did the year 5 mixed team, who achieved this in a very sporting fashion . Yet another fantastic achievement! We are so very proud of everyone involved. A big thank you to all the players, staff and parents/carers for a super year.

Sports Day 2014

July 17th 2014

Keystage 2

Great effort, great races, great support

Another, guess what great sports day

scores very close

but this years winners………


well done to all

Keystage 1

look at all the effort

everyone’s a winner in keystage 1