Cricket pitch grand opening

Look who came to our grand opening.

Mark Nicholas, who ran things in an informative and exciting way.


England and Notts. Player James Taylor

Fabian Devlin from , “Chance to Shine,” also Richard Darwin and Claire Hill

Notts. Ladies Natasha Allen

Gideon Brooks, Daily Express: John Westerley, The Times: Scyld Berris, The Telegraph:

Sky sports, ESPN, East Midlands Today, Mansfield Radio, Mansfield Chad.



POW for June 20th 2016

Watch out tomorrow, the opening of our new cricket pitch.
Media and international cricketers in attendance.
Also, even more exciting, staff v pupils match.

Happy 90th your Majesty

The school celebrated Queen Elizabeth 2nd’s official 90th birthday with activities all round school.


Happy Birthday Your Majesty

A tea party as part of our British values week.