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The Write Stuff- Story Writing

At Oak Tree, we use 'The Write Stuff' approach to teaching writing.


Please subscribe to their YouTube channel - The Training Space - for FREE and join in with their short, daily writing lessons. They are for children of all ages to have a go at writing a collaborative story with the nation. Children will be able to upload their stories to share with the world. Let’s see how creative you can be!


Daily Timetable:

9:45am – A film focus

10:30am – Building exciting sentences

12:30pm – Sharing of ideas and sentences

2:00pm – Submit your personal 9 sentences

3:30pm – Revealing whose super sentences made it to the final story

6:30pm – a chance to read the collaborative story that has been built.


Here are the links for two of lessons so far: 

Lucky Dip Film Clip:

Lucky Dip Session 1:


Hair Love Film Clip:

Hair Love Session 1: 


Previous sessions and worksheets are also available. Simply click 'Show More' to find out more.