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What a treat! A Robin Hood pantomime. Even Mr and Mrs Gash joined in!

Jeans for genes day.

Year 6 leavers party. Goodbye and Good Luck to you all.

Well Done to everyone for their effort at the Keystage 2 sports day. Congratulations to Lancaster House- overall winners!!!

Easter "Egg-stravaganza". Easter hats, decorated eggs and egg rolling. All organised by our fantastic "FOOT" parents group.

We changed our school uniform to red, for one day, to raise money for Red Nose Day!

Welcome to the gallery! Please enjoy browsing our photographs.

Attendance Winners Autumn 2018- Class 12

House Cup winners Autumn 2018- Lancaster

Summer Term 2018

How much will we urn?
The explorers
Où est vous
Tous les amis
Another action packed day
Donation to The Send a Child to Hucklow Fund.
der dud der dud der der der der
Les amis
Bon appétit
Nous sommes ici
We are the Champions!!!!
Ben Hur
Go for it Zorba.
Pirates below decks.
Time to save energy before our next pirating.
I've got a hamster on my head
Family fun
Who's the cutest?
Look at my lovely feathers
I'm a Swan
We read ourselves around the World.
Look out for that obstacle
In my Easter Bonnet
The winners
Stay still rabbit
Bouncing bomb egg
People keep rolling eggs at me
Rabbit at both ends

Golden Book Summer 2018

June 25th
June 18th
April 30th
April 23rd

Spring Term 2018

What a great day.
Am I winning?
Some people eat marshmallows, we build with them.
We're just hanging man.
This should work on the Moon.
Drop Everything and READ
We don't eat marshmallows, we count them.
What else would you paint on.
Ooooh! lovely.
Who is looking at who?
Are they all Newcastle supporters?
He's tall.
Brush those teeth pearly white.
Space, The Final Frontier.
We take care.
Smile please
Classy Case
These look great
Is that my breakfast?????
Masterchef, for the birds.
Spring Watch look out.
I hope the birds like this.
Creatures in the undergrowth.
Space, The Final Frontier.
So that's how they do that.
3, 2,1, blastoff..
Working together
Great concentration
Look at my art
Hello Neighbours
We like it in the country
Lots of mousy tunes
Clarinet playing mouse
Town Mouse and The Country Mouse teach us acting
Future Olympic Athletes?
'Appy aparatus
Rectilinear propagation of light
Adding an extra animal.
How many now?
Our special visitor Rufus.
My Cheetah needs all these things to survive.
Can I make a word from these letters.
My balanced diet.
Adding up is fun.

Golden Book Spring 2018

March 26th
March 19th
March 12th
February 12th
February 5th
January 22nd
January 15th

Key stage 2 Christmas party 2017

Autumn and Christmas 2017 events

Joy to the World
And a Partridge in a Pear Tree
The decorations from the tree
The Nativity
What a lovely tree
Nursery, what a lovely Nativity
Ready to tell THE Story
Very very good spellers
Very good spellers
Let it Snow
Dive into the snow
Is that really a snow angel?
It's Christmaaaaaaas
Serenading the Reindeer
Samba Pa Ti
Yeast, one way to blow up a balloon
I'm a lumberjack
In our awesome den
What a team
Irish Dancing
Michael Flately????
Just the finishing touches
Around the World Workshop
Workshop, not Worksop
Wear something spotty
or a spotty something
or something which is spotty
Odd sock day for anti-bullying week
Lest We Forget
Mining Museum visit, classes 6,7 & 8
Singaporean clapping dance
Petit Jean Looks for Robin Hood
Lego Masters at work
Origami, obviously in Mrs Gash's room, a panda
At the end of a great day
Hiding from The Sherrif of Nottingham
Sherwood Forest, natural art
Sherwood Forest, still hiding
Chinese acrobats
Robin Hood shares his adventures
In the Forest with his Merry Men
Ready to pounce
Draw my arrow
MP visit
MP visit
MP visit
MP visit
Belly dancing
Egyptian soap carving
Prom 2017
Prom King and Queen
Designing big Ben.
Building Big Ben.
We helped to make this, doesn't it look tasty?

Golden Book autumn 2017

December 18th 2017
December 4th 2017
November 27th 2017
November 20th 2017
November 13th 2017
November 6th 2017
October 16th 2017
October 2nd 2017
September 25th 2017
September 18th 2017
September 11th 2017

Summer 2017 Term events

Bowl off winner, at Lords
Lord's Test
Lord's crowd
Visiting theatre
Fitness Burn
St Albans Church
Picnic Time
Hi De Hi campers
A new way of looking at things
Posh paddling pool
Let's get wet
100% party
100% party
Answer me this
I'm the king of the castle
This is fun
Under the weeping tree
Ship shape
We need one of these in school
Explorers in Derbyshire
Le Cricket
Le Cricket
French mountaineers
Three Bears Ballet

Spring 2017 term events

Christmas 2016


Children in Need 2016

Autumn 2016 term events

New cricket pitch