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Friday Homework

Easter Homework April 2021

20/11/20 The children have been given 2 short pieces of text to read. There are then some multiple choice comprehension questions to answer.

13/11/20 This week we have been looking at 2D shapes. These sheets will help the children revise the properties.

6/11/20 This week there are 4 calculations pathways puzzles to solve.

Half term Homework. Class 12.  16/10/20

  1. Make sure you still get 3 reads and signatures.
  2. Visit My Maths and complete the task.


  1. Design and make a Viking long boat. Use the booklet to help with your designing. I have included a couple of examples of how you could make it, but you can use anything you want. (paper, card, plastic bottle, wood etc). Think about how you could decorate it (crayons, pens, paint).

Your homework needs to handed in when we return back to school by Friday 6th November.

9/10/20 This week some practice with synoyms and antonyms. Use thee crosswords if you want to do more.

2/10/20 Feeling creative? This week the task is to design a game with a Viking theme.

25/9/20  This week there are two quick fire mental maths sheets to complete.
17/9/20 This week we have been revising the different types of nouns. There is one work sheet on which to circle all the nouns and a second to identify the different types of nouns.


This week, please look at your arithmetic paper and attempt the corrections.