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Class 3

                                            Welcome to Class 3, Year 2!


Your teacher in class 3 is Miss Bowman

Our topic this term is London

Storytime with Nick: There's a Snake in my School

Listen to Nick, a trained actor, teacher and storyteller, read There's a Snake in my School written by David Williams and illustrated by Tony Ross. There are...

Here are some stories for you to listen to and enjoy.  Miss Greenwood's favourite is The Elves and the Shoemaker.  Which is your favourite?

What is your favourite story?

Have a look at these websites for some more stories to share: 

Keeeeeep reading!

Here are some pictures of your home learning.  Some amazing things are happening!  Oliver Jack has been sharing to solve lots of division problems.  Do you think he ate the sweets?  I hope so!  He has also been working hard on his spellings - full marks!  Kaycee has been very creative and made some underwater puppets.  Don't they look fantastic?  You can put on shows over the summer with your puppet theatre, can't you?  Well done everyone!

Virtual Dance Unite

Did you take part yesterday?  Here are some photographs of us dancing in school yesterday.  We joined the Zoom call and danced along with LOTS of other children across Mansfield.  It was great fun!  Remember, the videos are below - you can still dance along at home!

Virtual Dance Unites!

On Thursday 16th July, the children in school will be taking part in this dance project.  You could join in from home!  Follow the links on the poster below if you want to take part in Thursday's performance on Zoom.  The dance classes are below; Level 1, Level 2 and a full run through.  Then, next Thursday, at 11am, we will perform the dance.  We will be able to dance together even though we are all in different places!

Dance Unites Level 1 Tuition video Next Door Dance

Dance Unites is a mass virtual dance for young people of all ages and abilities Tuition Next Door Dance artists Perform this live on July 16th 2020 on Zoom a...

Dance Unites Level 2 tuition video from Unite the Scene

Dance Unites is a mass virtual dance for young people of all ages and abilities Tuition from Gareth and Yes from UTS Perform this live on July 16th 2020 on Z...

Inspire Youth Arts presents DANCE UNITES virtual dance RUN THROUGH

Dance Unites full run through video for July 16 at 11am for live dance! to sign up features Next Door Dance and Unite the Scene

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this week's story and completing the work from your learning grid.  In school this week, the children have made these amazing lighthouses.  They must have worked very carefully to create such fantastic pieces of work!  Well done!

Oliver Jack has been busy with his home learning.  He has been trying out the cress that he has grown, too.  It looks like he has had some help from Iron Man, doesn't it?
This week in school, the children have planted some seeds.  The cress seeds are on damp kitchen roll.  The bean seeds are in a jar, so that we can see how they grow.  The marigold seeds are in soil so we won't be able to see them grow until they break through the soil.  We think they will take a while to grow, but we hope that they will look like the plant when they do grow.  The children have watered them a little every day and made sure that they have some sunshine, even though there has been a lot of rain this week!

The children in our Year 1 Bubble have made a Rainbow Fish Aquarium. We really enjoyed reading about Rainbow Fish sharing his scales.

Class 3 are a bunch of busy bees!  Cooking, dressing up, celebrating birthdays, gardening...what a talented bunch you are!


Sophie has been practising her phonics work at home.  She has also found the missing numbers in her calculations.  Great work, Sophie!

Mrs Armitage on Wheels

Kaycee has described her fantastic bicycle design and can you see how she has used "because" in her sentences?  Fantastic!

Oliver Jack wrote his sentences, read them to himself and thought "they don't make sense."  So did he leave it there?  No!  He wrote his sentences again so that he could improve them!  What a great attitude.

Lost and Found

Here are some of the boats that have been made and tested this week.  I like that the designs were tested out and if they didn't float, you knew to change something and "modify" your designs to make the boats even better.  Great work!

There will be times in lockdown when things feel tough.  Be sure to take some time to be happy!  This is a very strange time but when you are grown ups and you are taking your children to school, they will learn all about the time when everyone had to stay at home and learn at home.  You are making history!  

So, here are some things that you might like to do to remember this.  And hopefully, they are enjoyable activities that you will be able to do with your family.

Make a salt dough handprint

There are lots of recipes online for making salt dough.  Have a look on This Morning's website for a recipe and some ideas for how to decorate your handprint.  There is a video to show you how to do it all, too.  Just imagine when you are as old as Miss Greenwood (793!) and you look back at your little handprint.  Think all of the amazing things that your little hands will do between now and then!

Here is Kaycee and Oliver Jack's Lost and Found work. Kaycee made a Wanted poster and Oliver Jack explained what he would do if he found a penguin on his doorstep.

They also looked at how to find halves and quarters. A very clear diagram, OJB, and what a tasty looking cake, KK! Well done, you two!

Kaycee has also been gardening. These are the plants that she planted before Easter. They seem to be growing well!

A message for you!

Still image for this video

Here are the words to We'll Meet Again. Dame Vera Lynn sang this during World War 2. There are some other songs on the song sheet, too. If you would like to sing these, then the music is on our Music Resources page..

It looks like Oliver Jack is thinking carefully as he adds his coin towers. He enjoyed this so much that he challenged himself by making more than two towers and then he added them together. Great work, Oliver Jack!

Benjamin has made this cuddly toy! He must have worked with real care and patience to make it, don't you think? Well done, Benjamin!

I hope you have had a good week and that you have enjoyed The Three Little Pigs!  What do your houses look like?  Next week's learning grid is in the Home Learning section above, ready for next week.  Why not send Miss Greenwood some photographs to show her what you have been up to?

Here are some photos to show you what your friends have been doing - it's fantastic to see you all making the most of the sunshine and keeping yourselves busy and active!


Kaycee made a house out of a flower pot for her little pig. She wrote a set of instructions to tell us what she did.

Oliver Jack used lots of different materials to build a house for his little pig. Do you think the wolf would be able to blow it down?

Both Kaycee and Oliver Jack and Charley have done a stylish job of climbing trees, too!

They have also been busy cooking. Oliver Jack made some tasty looking pizzas...

...and Kaycee toasted some marshmallows when she went camping in her garden!

Here are some stories and activities to help you to understand Coronavirus. 

Dave the Dog is a story for you to read with your adults at home.  It might help you if you have questions about Coronavirus or if you’re feeling a bit worried about it.

The Rainbow pack has some activities to help you think through your ideas.  You can use your notebook to talk about your thoughts and your feelings. 

Coronavirus – a Book for Children might be interesting for any of your older brothers and sisters.

If we feel worried or scared about something, it helps to find out more about it. 

Hello everyone!

We hope that you are all well and that, although your Easter was probably quite different, it was still a wonderful weekend and a great memory to look back on!  

Click on the pencil above to find this week's Home Learning Pack.  Why not send a photograph of any activities you get up to at home?  You could take a photograph of the learning pack activities that you do, or a photograph of story time when you are reading with your family.  Or maybe you Clap for Carers every Thursday night?  We would love to know how you are and what you are up to - send us an email!

Oliver Jack has been helping his Daddy extend the decking at home.  He also made a castle!  Doesn't it look fantastic?!  Watch out - when we are back at school, I wonder if we will see Oliver Jack helping Mr Frank to do all of his jobs?!

Oliver Jack building his castle

Parents and Carers,

Here are some links that we thought would be useful to you as life changes around us. 

Easter Home Learning Activities

If you fancy a sing and dance, have a look at the Music page (in Class Pages).  There are a few songs for you to listen to and join in with.  Have a boogie!
Why not email Miss G a photograph of what you have been learning at home?  Have you been starting your day with the Joe Wicks PE workout?  Have you painted a rainbow for your window?  Have you been practising some neat handwriting?  Show us what you have been busy with!

Come and have a look at Oliver Jack's lego model. But don't get too's a crocodile! You can also read what Oliver Jack wrote about his croc. Hasn't he done a fantastic job?!

Here are some maths games for you to practise.  You can practise adding and taking away.  You can also count in 2s, 5s and 10s and practise your times tables.  When you are confident with your times tables, have a go at using them when you are dividing.  There are a few to choose from.  Don't make it too tricky to start with, make it trickier as you practise and get better and better.  There are some Egyptian Mummies, some hungry dogs and some crazy aliens to help you along the way.  Ready?  Go!

Parents, here are some documents from Mrs Blundy. These pdf files may support children with diagnosis of ASD, young children or those struggling to understand what is happening. There is also some social story support to help with the structure of the day and activities to help. Hope this is of help.

Here are some more free online learning activities for you to join in with:

Myleene's Music Klass.

Myleene Klass is giving music lessons on You Tube.  Subscribe to "Myleene's Music Klass" and you can watch lessons where you can learn about major and minor keys, rhythm and you can learn how to write the rhythm of your name in notes.

There will be lessons every Monday and Friday.  Take a look and a listen!

How to draw step by step:

Why not have a go at drawing some pictures step by step?  These videos will show you what to draw a little bit at a time.  Some of the pictures are a bit tricky!  You have to listen carefully, take your time and remember that if it doesn’t work the first time, keep trying.  Watch the artist in the video – he works slowly and carefully and he thinks about where he will draw before he puts his pen on the paper.

I know there are many talented artists in Class 3 as well as some Spiderman fans (OJB & LA) and some Forky fans (LF) so there are links to those videos below.  Have a look at some other clips, too.  You can learn how to draw fish, dinosaurs, turtles, whatever catches your eye!

Miss Greenwood does not find drawing very easy but she had a go at drawing Spider-Man.  This is her second go.  If you look closely, you will see where she has had to make little tweaks, a bit like we do in our Phonics lessons.  She had to move her paper around so that it was easier to draw the curved lines, too.  But it looks like Spider-Man, doesn’t it?!  Now she just needs to find a red felt tip…smiley

Miss Greenwood's Spider-Man

Are you keeping fit with Joe Wicks?  Every morning, Monday - Friday at 9am, he leads a live workout on his you tube channel.  It lasts for 30 minutes.  You can catch shooting stars, hop like a bunny or jump like a kangaroo, but don't drop your joey!

Follow the link below, subscribe to The Body Coach TV on You Tube.  Then, look for PE with Joe sessions.  If you can't join in with the live sessions, play the recorded sessions whenever you need a jump around!

Oak Tree Sing-a-long.

Keep an eye on our Twitter feed for all your favourites.

Read, Write, Inc lessons

From Monday 23rd March, there will be free access to the short Speed Sound lessons that the children do every day in the phonics lesson available on YouTube.


The link for this video is:


They will be every day for the next two weeks.

Films will be available at the times below:

Set 1 Speed Sounds – 9:30am and gain at 12:30pm

Set 2 Speed Sounds -10:00am and again at 1:00pm

Set 3 Speed Sounds – 10:30am and again at 1:30pm

These films are live and will not be available at other times.

Please have a look at the Online RWI Phonics lessons in the Class Pages.  There is a link to Ruth Miskin Training.  Beginning on Monday 23rd March, there are online phonics sessions where you can access Speed Sound lessons.  There is a list of Read Write Inc groups so that you know which lesson to watch.


Here are some stories and activities to enjoy at home.

Go onto the Booktrust website:

Choose "books and reading".  Then click on "have some fun".

In here, there are lots of books to listen to and follow.  You might recognise some stories!

There are also quizzes and competitions.

Practise your phonics at home.

Go onto the website:

Username:  march20

password:  home

Oxford Owl.

Here is a website with lots of books to read.  Ask an adult to set up a login for you so that you can sign up to read all of these stories.  There are some phonics and maths activities, too.



We have been learning about China.  We have found lots of facts about this amazing country.  We also followed instructions to make a Chinese drum.  We then wrote our own instructions.

Making and playing Chinese Drums

Star Gazing.

In February, we had a Space Dome in school.  It was a planetarium.  We all went inside to see pictures of the stars in the night sky.  It was very dark inside so that it was easier to see the stars.  We learned that the stars make pictures in the sky and each picture has a story!  What an amazing world we live in!

Reach for the Stars!

Then, we made some space rockets.

We also designed some healthy snacks for the astronauts.

In December, we learned all about Stick Man and his adventures.  We then made our very own Stick Men!

I'm Stick Man, that's me!

Using coins.

We have learned how much different coins are worth.  We have been putting them in order from the smallest to the largest amount.  

Ordering Coins

Oak Tree Animal Day.

Class 10 organised an Animal Day for the whole school.  We came into school dressed as different animals.  We had a Dalmatian, a bat, a shark, a lion, a tiger and a dragon!  We also ate popcorn from cones that had been decorated by children in Class 10.  What a "roarsome" day!

Animal Magic!

Making Purses.

First, we practised our sewing skills.  Threading the needle took a lot of concentration!  Then we used our sewing skills to make a drawstring purse.  We were very proud of our handiwork!

Purses at the ready!

3D shapes.

In October, we used 3D shapes to build some amazing towers.  We then had to name every 3D shape in our tower.  Do you know your cubes from your cuboids?!

Shape Towers

KS1 Topic Letter Sept 2018 and letter to parents/carers

Watch out, Pirates about.

Class Three have started their new English topic all about pirates. Today we learnt what it was like to be a pirate. First we had to carry out all of the jobs on board the ship. Some children were on look out in the crows nest and some had to clean the ship. We then sang sea shanties and played cards. We even had a biscuit and ginger beer as we had worked so hard. At the end of the day we crawled under the tables into our beds. We were very squashed!

Past it, Summer newsletter

Ballet lesson, The Ugly Duckling.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Look at our wildlife.

The children have been busy researching an animal of their choice over the holidays. Take a look at our wonderful take care homework!

See the pictures below.

Take Care Animal Research

Spring news, it looks exciting.

What do animals need?

Robin Hood TASC

Sherwood Forest Visit, exploring and acting.

Our 100% attenders for the Spring Term, well done.