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Welcome to Class 12

25/9/20. Congratulations to Olimpia, this week's Golden Cloud winner.

18/9/20 This week our Golden Cloud is presented to .... Rhianna Smalley. Well Done!

11/9/20 Our first Golden Cloud certificate goes to.... Harry Norman. Congratulations.

Autumn Newsletter

September 2020 has finally arrived.

Welcome back to school and welcome to Class 12 to all our new Year 6 pupils.

I am really looking forwards to seeing you all and getting to know you a bit better. This term, I will be joined in the classroom by Mr Gash and Mrs Robinson. We have lots to fit into our busy timetable so keep an eye out for updates on everything you will need to know. See you on Thursday 3rd September at 8:55am. 

From Mrs Gash

Class 12 Timetable September 2020

What do you need today?

Monday Reading diary, Reading book, PE kit

Tuesday  Reading diary, Reading book


Wednesday Reading diary, Reading book

Thursday Reading diary, Reading book

Friday PE kit, reading diary, Reading book,  3 signatures check, Homework day, Homework book, Spelling test, spelling homework, times tables homework, times tables test

A message from all the staff at Oak Tree

Still image for this video

Oak Tree Sing-a-long.

Keep an eye out on our Twitter feed for all your favourites.

Welcome to Class 12!


We have had a very busy term so far.Take a look at what we have been up to.

The big debate in class 12. Should zoos be banned? Both sides gave convincing arguments, but the "keep them open" side won.

A virtual investigation about gears.

Making and using pulleys to use less force to make a greater impact.

Water resistance. How can we make the playdough sink slower or even float?

Air resistance. Which parachute creates the most resistance?

The force of friction- what makes it high or low? Did you know it is measured in Newtons?

Testing the force of gravity and it's effect on falling objects.

The space dome.

Our homework was an astronomical challenge- To make a 3D solar system. Our work is amazing. Take a look at our photos, but come to the classroom to see the real thing!

Class 12 Newsletter Spring 2020

Our class timetable for Spring 2020.

Congratulations Class 12 for winning the termly attendance for the 4th term running!!!

We wrote some World War One poetry, and then read them in the trenches!!

Some of our final carvings.

We are turning our 2D sketches into 3D soap carvings. Take a look at us at work.

Take a look at our sketches of an Egyptian Death Mask.

We have been supporting anti-bullying week by wearing odd socks. Can you guess who these feet belong to?

The answer to the feet mystery.

Our half term homework was to create a board game with a "Round The World" theme. We played them, evaluated them and will be writing instructions for our extended writing.

We are making models of Famous English Landmarks, choosing our own medium. Can you tell yet what any of them are going to be?

Animal Day- Mrs Gash's new panda family!!!

What a fantastic day had by all at LEGOLAND! Look at what we got up to.

Emilee brought in two new members for our class- Hissing Cockroaches!!!

Class 12 newsletter. Autumn 2019.

Our leavers party. Goodbye and Good Luck to everyone.

Class 12- Termly attendance winners, 3 times in a row!!!

Key Stage 2 Sports Day. Well done to Lancaster House- Overall winners!!

Our leavers hoodies arrived today!!!

Today we took part in a special PE session at Samworth Church Academy as part of our transition.

Our letters are ready to send off to Ben Bradley MP.

For our writing mission we will be writing letters to our local MP about what we think needs improving on Oak Tree Lane Estate. Take a look at what we found.

We invited in our parents to help us with our "Make it" workshop. We designed, measured, used saws, glue guns and a variety of wood and other materials.

We visited Nottingham Trent University to find out what university was all about. We had a great time and even had our very own graduation ceremony.

Some of us attended the Mason's Fun Day at Bestwood Country Park. It was an amazing day. Thank you.

We had our second visit this year from The Pintsize Theatre Company. This time it informed us about the dangers of alcohol. Our very own Joel even took part.

Mrs Gash joined the lego club. I wonder what she made??

Thank you to all my "Brick Buddies" for your help.

Congratulations Class 12 for your amazing effort this week during the SATs tests. We are very proud of you.

Summer newsletter

Easter "egg-stravaganza" activities.

Congratulations Class 12. Termly Attendance Winners!!

We had an amazing time at our Jungle Party to celebrate the end of our topic. We invented, designed and made all the games ourselves.

We became paleontologists, carefully excavating our clay rocks for fossils. Take a look at what we have found so far.

Are there too many lime sweets?

We investigated packets of Skittles and entered the data onto a spread sheet. Next we added a formula so that the spread sheet calculated all the totals. In conclusion, we found that there were in fact, too many strawberry flavoured sweets. Our recommendation to the makers of Skittles would be to put the same amount of each flavour sweet in every packet.

Full of jumping beans- look at us in gymnastics.

Launch of the Daily Mile- 10 laps around the playground!

Can you guess what characters we were for World Book Day?

We are dressing as our favourite characters for World Book day, as well as taking part in drop and read throughout the day.

Take a look at our timetable for after Spring half term.

How big can we construct this triangle?

Today we took part in a workshop run by the NSPCC. The message is very simple; Speak Out. Keep Safe.

Remember; We all have the right to be safe.

We had an amazing time at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We learnt all about the adaptation of animals.

We can't wait for our visit tomorrow to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

Changing Circuits

War Poetry in the Trenches

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Trip

Class 12 Spring Newsletter

Mrs Gash's Famous Chocolate Game

Congratulations Class 12. Attendance Winners Autumn 2018

A special panda surprise for our teacher.

We invited our parents to look at our work at our Viking Extravaganza

Lots of fun playing our Viking games.

We carved rune messages to Odin in clay.

We had a challenge- Save the Viking Princess.

We made our Long Ships out of paper.

Would they float? Would they carry the Princess? How much of her luggage would it hold?

Take a look at our pictures.

The Winner- Lewis Cooke, with 90 lego bricks!!!

September 2018 Newsletter

Summer term newsletter

More dancing, Greek this time.

Visit to Trent University

Nice Mrs Gash made us wear a blindfold to do this assault course

Making these alarm circuits was a big buzz.

Awesome space display

Building Moon Buggies with our families.

Hanging and balancing

Laura came in to talk about architecture, we tested the strength of biscuits. We then used spaghetti and marshmallows to see who could build the tallest and strongest structures. See below for photos.

Architecture, with biscuits an marshmallows, obvs.

Margaret and Barry from Oak Tree Conservation helped us with our bird feeding boxes. And with putting up our new bird feeding station, donated by Oak Tree Neighbourhood Management. Oak Tree Conversation also donated 6 nest boxes which Mr Frank will be kindly putting up for us. See below for pictures.

Feed the Birds tuppance a bag

National Space Centre trip ,by Adam and Jaycie

Spring term Newsletter

Christmas party pictures in the children's gallery section.

Yeast experiment

We invited our parents in to try out activities in our Around the World Workshop

Irish Dancing, watch out Riverdance.

Line Dancing. Yeeehaaa!

Chinese Acrobatics

Around the World games, created and played by us.

Indian week, Bhangra Dancing and Mendhi Patterns

Keep the Bhangra going
Bhangra on
Bollywood here we come
Mendhi patterns
Mendhi patterns

Singapore, culture and ecology

Clapping dance
Clapping dance
Clapping dance
Clapping dance
Clapping dance
Clapping dance
Clapping dance
Clapping dance
Clapping dance
Rain forest in a Bottle
Rain forest in a Bottle
Rain forest in a Bottle
Rain forest in a Bottle

Japanese Origami

Surprise panda

Egyptian week, belly dancing

Egyptian week, soap carving.

Your spellings for the Spelling Bee

Newsletter Autumn 2017

Legoland, what a day!

Our 100% attenders for the Spring Term, well done.

January Newsletter, welcome back.

Trent Bridge Visit