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To help improve the children’s speaking, listening, and debating skills, this half term I will be sending some debate questions for pupils to discuss with adults or brothers and sisters at home.

These should be fun and quick to do and the idea is students will have a ten minute debate at home about what the best answer is to the question and why.  In class we will then spend ten minutes discussing the questions on Fridays and the pupils with the best answers and reasoning will be given raffle tickets and house points. 

Please have the debate and chat with pupils and encourage them to listen and respond to you and they must speak in full sentences when having the discussion.


Your two questions are…

  1. If you found a wallet with £20 in would you spent it?  Or try and find the owner?
  2. Would you rather own a fantastic tent with multiple rooms and modern facilities? Or have a huge TV in your bedrooms with games consoles?

Please remember to also continue to practise reading, timestables and spellings.